The Exploits of a Nanny

It’s my birthday I can cry if I want to. August 28, 2006

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The boys were golden today until about an hour before their mom got home. Then all hell broke loose. There was screaming, and turning the music up really loud, and defiance, and fighting, and general disregard for anything Stephanie had to say unless major threats were employed. I think Janice’s starting to wonder why I’m having so much trouble, or maybe she thinks I’m too hard on them. I felt like crying while I was biking to Blind Faith Cafe to wait till 7:30 when I was supposed to meet the girls at our apartment to see it for the first time. I like it. It’s not perfect by any means, but I’m excited about making it our home. Can’t move in till the 15th though

Things looked up after I got to vent to the girls and an amazing slice of carrot cake from Becca’s new work place. And a call from Mike. I also got calls from my Mom, dad, Lenora, Karis, Matt (I think he was probably at work or something, because he called separately what a sweet brother-in-law), and Dancy (who then handed the phone to Andre’ and we had a quick and slightly awkward conversation I love my brother ) So overall a good birthday.


The thursday from Hell August 25, 2006

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Yesterday was atrocious. The boys were especially ornery. It was rainy, so we couldn’t go outside much. Jordan seemed on a vendetta to undermine me and get under my skin as much as possible. Jordan manipulates his little brother to a degree that I feel slightly bitter about. I tried to talk to them about their bad behavior after showers and before their dad came home (their mom’s out of town), and they wouldn’t listen/pay attention. So I told them I’d talk to their dad when he got home. The boys listened when their dad was standing over them watching. He looked very stern, and promised to have a talk with them after I left. I like these guys alot, but they haven’t accepted my authority yet, and know they can get me flustered. I blame that on being really tired. It’s hard to go to bed early when you lived in the same room with 3 other girls. I just pray next week is better. Jordan will be in school part of the day, so I think that will help. Thank God for 3 day weekends!

Bluegill tonight with Mike to celebrate my birthday!


in the city… August 23, 2006

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cheap sushi, whatever ethnic food you want, Thai!, belly dancing classes, the awkward feeling that you’re always in someone’s way.


Confidence and Doubt August 22, 2006

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How I know I’m a good nanny:

I care about my boys. I’m sad for them when they fall down. I’m proud when Anthony makes a good throw or Jordan makes a difficult catch when we’re playing frisbee.

I incorporate learning opportunities in general play without really thinking about it too hard. Like today I helped Jordan figure out how much it would have cost to buy three jamba juices instead of two when he asked why I didn’t get one. And when Anthony was annoying me by repeating over and over “we’re almost home, we’re almost home” I got him to change it into a three note ditty and practiced matching pitch. He’s only 4, and he matches pitch pretty well. He even did it a couple times on his own, and almost stayed on pitch. It was actually pretty impressive. I think we have a blossoming singer if social pressure not to sing because he’s a boy doesn’t get to him first.

I make them eat their fruits and veggies.

Sometimes I let them only eat 2 carrots sticks instead of 4.

Things I hope I can learn to change:

I can be a little anal about getting them to do what’s “right”

not knowing how to deal with some of their less mature/kind behavior. Like name calling and hitting and talking back.

sometimes not having the energy to fight them for stuff I know they should be doing/not doing.


Little people and little joys August 21, 2006

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Anthony slipped his hand into mine on the way to the grocery store today.

He also had a malicious gleam in his eye while he blatantly defied what I was telling him to do at supper.

You learn to be thankful for the little stuff with kids. (he FINALLY fell asleep!)

Jordan: Anthony is in last place

Me: Yep, the last shall be first.

Jordan: No, the last shall be last!


Evanston August 16, 2006

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We have arrived! Yesterday was an enjoyable day walking around Evanston with the girls. We got to see the apartment we’re going to be living in. I’m so excited! We also found a comfy couch with a hide-a-bed on the side of the street. It doesn’t smell and is in really good condition. I started work today. The days are going to be long, but I just have to keep reminding myself that I have 3 day weekends! I think I’m going to enjoy this job.
Back to Goshen tomorrow.