The Exploits of a Nanny

Confidence and Doubt August 22, 2006

Filed under: the bad,the good — S @ 6:59 pm

How I know I’m a good nanny:

I care about my boys. I’m sad for them when they fall down. I’m proud when Anthony makes a good throw or Jordan makes a difficult catch when we’re playing frisbee.

I incorporate learning opportunities in general play without really thinking about it too hard. Like today I helped Jordan figure out how much it would have cost to buy three jamba juices instead of two when he asked why I didn’t get one. And when Anthony was annoying me by repeating over and over “we’re almost home, we’re almost home” I got him to change it into a three note ditty and practiced matching pitch. He’s only 4, and he matches pitch pretty well. He even did it a couple times on his own, and almost stayed on pitch. It was actually pretty impressive. I think we have a blossoming singer if social pressure not to sing because he’s a boy doesn’t get to him first.

I make them eat their fruits and veggies.

Sometimes I let them only eat 2 carrots sticks instead of 4.

Things I hope I can learn to change:

I can be a little anal about getting them to do what’s “right”

not knowing how to deal with some of their less mature/kind behavior. Like name calling and hitting and talking back.

sometimes not having the energy to fight them for stuff I know they should be doing/not doing.


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