The Exploits of a Nanny

The thursday from Hell August 25, 2006

Filed under: the bad — S @ 7:04 pm

Yesterday was atrocious. The boys were especially ornery. It was rainy, so we couldn’t go outside much. Jordan seemed on a vendetta to undermine me and get under my skin as much as possible. Jordan manipulates his little brother to a degree that I feel slightly bitter about. I tried to talk to them about their bad behavior after showers and before their dad came home (their mom’s out of town), and they wouldn’t listen/pay attention. So I told them I’d talk to their dad when he got home. The boys listened when their dad was standing over them watching. He looked very stern, and promised to have a talk with them after I left. I like these guys alot, but they haven’t accepted my authority yet, and know they can get me flustered. I blame that on being really tired. It’s hard to go to bed early when you lived in the same room with 3 other girls. I just pray next week is better. Jordan will be in school part of the day, so I think that will help. Thank God for 3 day weekends!

Bluegill tonight with Mike to celebrate my birthday!


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