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sympathizing with my fellow bloggers January 30, 2007

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To echo Nategrabes and Emma_Linda:

If Mike came to Chicago right now, I would not be upset


cold, cold, cold January 29, 2007

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Liz’s bottom two teeth finally broke through. It’s really really cold outside, and the upstairs is also really cold. I just want to curl up in bed and read and be warm. When is it going to be warm again. I want to take the girls out on walks again.


A long nap January 26, 2007

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I only have Liz again today, and she just slept for 2 hours, and now she’s really happy and playing well. She is so cute when she gets excited ( and smiles, and sleeps, and almost all the time). I wonder how Rose’s doing with her grandma. I must say I like this one baby thing. I miss Rose, but I can do such a better job if I can give one of the girls all me attention. I anticipate their needs better because I can pick up on all the little hints. Liz’s playing with the tag of one of her toys. Seriously, I think she might play with the tags of things just as much as she plays with the actual toy. She’s going to be hungry soon, but for now she’s just happy playing with her toys. I think this might be my favorite times of the day, when she’s just woken up and I let her play on her own for a little bit because she can entertain herself, and I can just watch her and give little encouragements now and then. It’s good that she’s learning to play on her own better. When I first started she really couldn’t entertain herself. Of course she couldn’t sit up on her own either, but Rose can’t and she’s always been able to self-sooth/play on her own. That’s kind of changing, lately she’s been demanding my attention whenever she’s awake. Ok, Liz’s hungry now. She aways acts a little tired when she’s hungry. That used to confuse me alot. She has the cutest way of talking. 🙂


Sigh January 23, 2007

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It’s 2 and I’m getting my first real break of the day and trust me it won’t last long. I took about 15 minutes to make and eat lunch earlier when Rose was still awake. I had her in her bouncy chair down in the kitchen with me. I also made her a bottle during those 15 minutes and she had about 3.5 ounces before she was completely passed out and wouldn’t eat anymore. So I took her down to her crib. She woke up! She was totally wide awake again. Now I know this girl’s tired, because she only slept for 30 minutes and has been up for almost 3 hours. This has been Rose all day. I DO NOT WANT TO SLEEP. You know what she’s been doing to keep herself awake? Screaming. A loud piercing screech. So of course if I’m trying to put Liz down and Rose’s at all tired, it’s nearly impossible to get Liz to sleep. I feel a bit like ripping my hair out. Ah, there’s Liz waking up. Time for some sweet potatoes.


Just Liz January 22, 2007

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Today Rose is with her grandma so it’s just Liz and me. I like being able to work with just one of the girls. I can focus in on them better and I notice more things. Like how much babies can learn by having a few toys in front of them. Like today Liz was figuring out that if you have two toys, one in each hand, and you want to hold one of them with both hands, you have to put the other one down. She was also able to get a toy that was almost out of reach without falling over, a feat for her. She also started bouncing in her “exersauser” today. Before she’d only sit in it and play with the things on the sides and get bored quickly. You should have heard her laugh while she bounced. It’s amazing to watch kids discover new things. The wonderment they express is contagious. I want to look at the world like that and be amazed by the simple joys one experiences in life.


Cursing the cold January 18, 2007

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It’s been super cold here. Of course we haven’t had the really horrible weather that some of the country is getting, but cold enough that I don’t even consider taking the girls out. Days that we don’t get a walk get long for all three of us. The girls accumulate tiredness and crankiness throughout the day, and are worn out by the last couple hours. They also start wanting to see their parents. By the end of the day it’s hard to make them both happy, because often they both want to be held, and I can’t hold/comfort them both for very long. My most recent solution? I calm Rose down, put her in the swing with a toy to hold onto, and I bounce Liz on my hip standing in front of the swing so the girls can look at each other and Rose can see me and I can make her giggle with my funny faces. Whatever works. I miss the walks because it’s sort of a break for me. Liz will fall asleep without me having to coax her into it, and neither of the girls needs much attention. It’s a nice breather. So I’m looking forward to the warmer weather.


Life is good January 17, 2007

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Liz just slept for an hour and 15 minute and Rose’s still sleeping. Liz is always so much happier when she sleeps for over an hour at a time. Yeah for happy babies. Last night we had a stressful 15 minutes when both girls decided the had to be feed RIGHT NOW and then their crying fed off of each other and they wouldn’t calm down to even to eat, and feeding two babies at once is hard!