The Exploits of a Nanny

Just Liz January 22, 2007

Filed under: baby development,the good — S @ 3:05 pm

Today Rose is with her grandma so it’s just Liz and me. I like being able to work with just one of the girls. I can focus in on them better and I notice more things. Like how much babies can learn by having a few toys in front of them. Like today Liz was figuring out that if you have two toys, one in each hand, and you want to hold one of them with both hands, you have to put the other one down. She was also able to get a toy that was almost out of reach without falling over, a feat for her. She also started bouncing in her “exersauser” today. Before she’d only sit in it and play with the things on the sides and get bored quickly. You should have heard her laugh while she bounced. It’s amazing to watch kids discover new things. The wonderment they express is contagious. I want to look at the world like that and be amazed by the simple joys one experiences in life.


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