The Exploits of a Nanny

Sigh January 23, 2007

Filed under: baby behavior,the bad — S @ 3:07 pm

It’s 2 and I’m getting my first real break of the day and trust me it won’t last long. I took about 15 minutes to make and eat lunch earlier when Rose was still awake. I had her in her bouncy chair down in the kitchen with me. I also made her a bottle during those 15 minutes and she had about 3.5 ounces before she was completely passed out and wouldn’t eat anymore. So I took her down to her crib. She woke up! She was totally wide awake again. Now I know this girl’s tired, because she only slept for 30 minutes and has been up for almost 3 hours. This has been Rose all day. I DO NOT WANT TO SLEEP. You know what she’s been doing to keep herself awake? Screaming. A loud piercing screech. So of course if I’m trying to put Liz down and Rose’s at all tired, it’s nearly impossible to get Liz to sleep. I feel a bit like ripping my hair out. Ah, there’s Liz waking up. Time for some sweet potatoes.


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