The Exploits of a Nanny

A long nap January 26, 2007

Filed under: baby behavior,nanny moments,the good — S @ 3:09 pm

I only have Liz again today, and she just slept for 2 hours, and now she’s really happy and playing well. She is so cute when she gets excited ( and smiles, and sleeps, and almost all the time). I wonder how Rose’s doing with her grandma. I must say I like this one baby thing. I miss Rose, but I can do such a better job if I can give one of the girls all me attention. I anticipate their needs better because I can pick up on all the little hints. Liz’s playing with the tag of one of her toys. Seriously, I think she might play with the tags of things just as much as she plays with the actual toy. She’s going to be hungry soon, but for now she’s just happy playing with her toys. I think this might be my favorite times of the day, when she’s just woken up and I let her play on her own for a little bit because she can entertain herself, and I can just watch her and give little encouragements now and then. It’s good that she’s learning to play on her own better. When I first started she really couldn’t entertain herself. Of course she couldn’t sit up on her own either, but Rose can’t and she’s always been able to self-sooth/play on her own. That’s kind of changing, lately she’s been demanding my attention whenever she’s awake. Ok, Liz’s hungry now. She aways acts a little tired when she’s hungry. That used to confuse me alot. She has the cutest way of talking. 🙂


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