The Exploits of a Nanny

My V-day present February 14, 2007

Filed under: my roommates,the bad — S @ 3:24 pm

The girl’s Valentine’s day present to me was totally deviating from their usual patterns, only sleeping 1 hour each TOTAL before 5:00, being cranky alot, and not sleeping at the same time at all. My nerves are fried. Literally, I’d finally cox Rose to sleep, and just as she finally closed her eyes for good, I’d hear Liz wake up. Both girls wouldn’t go to sleep at all unless I used my entire bag of tricks. My back and arms hurt from holding one or the other of them almost constantly. I’m ready to go home and enjoy the V-day dinner Becca’s making. At least I’m getting something nice today! Oh, and I guess it’s nice that they finally went to sleep around the same time at 5:10, so at least I get 20 minutes of peace, oh never mind! Liz’s waking up!


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