The Exploits of a Nanny

Celebrating the Warmth February 21, 2007

Filed under: baby development,nanny issues,the good — S @ 4:53 am

Today the girls and I got to go on a walk 🙂 Rose’s teething, and it makes her really uncomfortable. She also doesn’t want to sleep and gets really upset when she’s about to go to sleep. When we were on the walk and she was getting tired she started cooing to herself really loudly, and I thought it was pretty funny. She sounded so cute, and I didn’t have to feel bad about the noise the way I do sometimes in the condo because Liz’s mom is working. Speaking of Liz’s mom, she seems to be more tired recently. She’s just more quiet and not as communicative. I don’t really mind, I just feel bad for her, and hope it’s not something more serious. I still worry sometimes that there are things that I do that she doesn’t like, or times when she wonders “why is that baby still crying?” There are times when I have no choice but to let one of the girls be fussy for a little bit. I just have to make a judgment call about how “legit” their complaint is, and how fussy they’re being. Like for example, Liz doesn’t like to be alone, and is only ok with it if she’s in a very specific mood, so when I need to change Rose, I just have to let Liz fuss. She’s not in pain, she has all her needs meet, etc. She just doesn’t want to be alone/needs someone to keep her entertained. Same thing when I’m feeding Rose. Sometimes they both get tired or hungry at the same time and set each other off. Often they are tired at the same time, and the only way to get Liz down is to feed her a bottle, but Rose’s fussy because she feels herself going to sleep, but doesn’t want to, so I feed Liz a bottle downstairs so that Rose doesn’t distract her, and pray that Rose can self-sooth enough that I don’t have a real disaster on my hands. I have to assess the best way to handle the situation so that neither of them gets too upset, and often have to chose to let one be unhappy for a little bit. I try to anticipate them as much as possible as to avoid this situation, but there are times when no amount of anticipation can prevent these moments. You can’t make a baby go to sleep, and sometimes if Liz’s a little tired, seeing Rose get a bottle will set her off even if she’s not that hungry. It’s hard to let one of them cry. Usually I can create a situation where neither of them is all out crying, but the fussies are harder to totally eliminate.


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