The Exploits of a Nanny

Falling Down March 8, 2007

Filed under: nanny issues,the bad — S @ 3:29 pm

On Monday I fell down a flight of stairs.  I slipped on a patch of ice stepping off of the porch at Cana house, and landed hard on my thigh and then again on my hip before coming to rest on the ground.  There were about 8 or 9 steps, so I guess I’m lucky I didn’t break anything.  I’m also lucky that I didn’t land on my back.  But Tuesday was a really bad day for me.  It hurt to move.  It hurt to get up and down off the floor which is something I do constantly during the day.  It also hurt to go up and down the stairs.  I carry the girls on the hip that I landed on, and it’s hard to break old habits.  I have the most massive bruise ever.  It’s bright purple.  Yesterday I only had Liz, so that made it alot easier, and I wasn’t in nearly as much pain.  The problem wasn’t even so much my hip and thigh as it was general achiness and tense muscles, or maybe it was just a combination of all of it.
It made me think about what would happen if I did seriously injure myself.  I wouldn’t be able to care for the girls if I broke a bone.  There’s just no way.  So then what?  It’s not a pleasant thought, and it’s making me think more seriously about health insurance.  I’m making enough money to afford it, but it’s SO expensive.  So far I’ve just put it off, but in the back of my mind I think I’ve been planning on just not having it.  My dad’s a doctor, as well as my sister and brother, so unless I need hospital treatment, I don’t really need insurance.  But it could happen, and if I can’t pay for it, then I’m in trouble.  Serious trouble.  I love being a nanny, but that’s one area of the job that sucks.


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