The Exploits of a Nanny

Baby Monitor March 12, 2007

Filed under: the good,tools of the trade — S @ 6:54 pm

Music: Whatever Lola Wants from the Kinky Boots soundtrack

The other day I finally asked Liz’s mom if I could use the baby monitor that’s looks into Liz’s crib. Liz doesn’t actually sleep in her crib, during the day she sleeps in her swing, and at night she sleeps with her parents. Rose on the other hand has slept in a crib since almost day one, and she uses Liz’s crib during the day. Now this baby monitor is pretty sweet. It not only lets me heard Rose, but I can also watch her. This has done tremendous things to my nervous system. I used to be on edge all the time if Rose was sleeping, especially if I closed the door so outside noises wouldn’t disturb her. The house creaking, or a bird singing outside would make me sit up and listen, convinced that I heard Rose waking up. Rose is known to play quietly in crib for long periods of time before heralding the fact that she is awake. Thank goodness for technology and calmer nerves.


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