The Exploits of a Nanny

Raffi March 28, 2007

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I’ve been rediscovering a childhood favorite. Raffi is children’s music legend and mixes messages of peace, understanding, and environmental stewardship into his kid friendly repertoire. I just bought these albums. I’m excited that I get to share something I loved as a child with my girls.


The Corner Grocery Store

Evergreen, Everblue

In honor of my roommate Becca, here are the lyrics to his song C-A-N-A-D-A 😀

Tell me what’s a Douglas Fir
Betcha never heard a bobcat purr
Have you ever seen a lobster crawl?
In Canada, we get to see them all.

We get to see the maple trees, maple sugar and the maple leaves,
We got the biggest wheat fields growing tall
In C-A-N-A-D-A, where we see the reversing falls -or- In C-A-N-A-D-A, where adventure ever calls,
In Canada, we get to see them all.

Tell me, what’s a tidal bore,
Have you ever heard the ocean roar?
Just listen to that wild goose call.
In Canada, we get to see them all

Have you ever heard a maple creak?
Betcha never seen a mountain peak.
In the land of the big snowball.
In Canada, we get to see them all.

Have you ever seen a magnetic hill?
Or a lady on a dollar bill?
Betcha never seen the autumn fall.
In Canada, we get to see them all.


As my roommates look at pictures I just printed off of the girls March 25, 2007

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How do you take care of these girls without your uterus crying on a regular basis?


Signing and sitting up March 13, 2007

Music: Hey Jude by the Beatles

I had tentatively started using signs with the girls in the past month or so, but wasn’t sure about the timing. Was it too soon for it to be of any use? But I recently discovered a community of nanny bloggers (yippee!) Several of them talk about signing with their kids, and I asked Shel when she started and her response was 6 months. So I’m a little behind with Liz, but I don’t think it’s going to be much a problem. Today I started using the signs for hungry, tired, water, sleep, eat, no, finished, calm, and ILU. Getting them to make eye contact can be a challenge, and I’ve been more successful with finding times to use them with Liz, but it’s exciting. I do have some reservations, but they have nothing to do with childcare, maybe I’ll go into that another time.
Rose’s sitting up on her own! I still have to sit behind her in case she loses her balance, but it’s exciting. We’ve been working toward this for about a month now. She’s doing pretty well at correcting when she starts to lose her balance, but there are still times when she topples over.
Yesterday I was told for the first time that one of the girls looks like my child. On our walk a woman who was probably about 4-6 months pregnant told me that Rose looks like me. The was even after I had told her that I was only the nanny. My roommates thought it was because of the eyes; Rose and I both have big eyes with long lashes that sort of dominate the face. But hers are brilliant blue and mine are just plain brown.
It’s glorious today! Can’t wait for our walk.


My V-day present February 14, 2007

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The girl’s Valentine’s day present to me was totally deviating from their usual patterns, only sleeping 1 hour each TOTAL before 5:00, being cranky alot, and not sleeping at the same time at all. My nerves are fried. Literally, I’d finally cox Rose to sleep, and just as she finally closed her eyes for good, I’d hear Liz wake up. Both girls wouldn’t go to sleep at all unless I used my entire bag of tricks. My back and arms hurt from holding one or the other of them almost constantly. I’m ready to go home and enjoy the V-day dinner Becca’s making. At least I’m getting something nice today! Oh, and I guess it’s nice that they finally went to sleep around the same time at 5:10, so at least I get 20 minutes of peace, oh never mind! Liz’s waking up!


It’s my birthday I can cry if I want to. August 28, 2006

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The boys were golden today until about an hour before their mom got home. Then all hell broke loose. There was screaming, and turning the music up really loud, and defiance, and fighting, and general disregard for anything Stephanie had to say unless major threats were employed. I think Janice’s starting to wonder why I’m having so much trouble, or maybe she thinks I’m too hard on them. I felt like crying while I was biking to Blind Faith Cafe to wait till 7:30 when I was supposed to meet the girls at our apartment to see it for the first time. I like it. It’s not perfect by any means, but I’m excited about making it our home. Can’t move in till the 15th though

Things looked up after I got to vent to the girls and an amazing slice of carrot cake from Becca’s new work place. And a call from Mike. I also got calls from my Mom, dad, Lenora, Karis, Matt (I think he was probably at work or something, because he called separately what a sweet brother-in-law), and Dancy (who then handed the phone to Andre’ and we had a quick and slightly awkward conversation I love my brother ) So overall a good birthday.