The Exploits of a Nanny

Taking the pain May 14, 2007

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My neck, chest, and bossom (or is it the plural bossoms?  This is a hot topic in the apartment) take quite a beating while I’m rocking Liz to sleep.

Yes, she cannot yet put herself down, and she’s still sleeping in her swing.  It’s not what I would chose, but I respect the parent wishes.  I don’t think it’s horrible either.  She’ll learn in her own time.  Besides, she’s going to grow out of that swing soon, and then a new situation will have to be found and she will have to adjust.

Ok, back to the topic at hand.  Liz likes to slap, claw and pinch me in an attempt to keep herself awake.  Ouch.  But what can I do?  She doesn’t know that she’s hurting me.  She doesn’t really understand that concept yet.  At least her mom has started trimming her nails more.  There were a few weeks where it was really painful.  I do what I can to discourage her, and try and at least get the concept across that she shouldn’t do that, but it often helps keep her awake.  Grrr…


September 14, 2006

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I’m sick and the boys are being brats today. Their mom’s been gone, I think it affects Anthony the most. He’s been acting really tired and weepy this morning. Thank God for school and 3 hour breaks. I’m off to buy groceries for the apartment.

Grocery list:

  • brown sugar
  • sugar
  • honey
  • soy sauce
  • rice
  • garlic
  • split peas
  • mayo
  • sandwich bags
  • phone cord
  • blackberry just fruit jam
  • half and half
  • ziplock bags

Evanston August 16, 2006

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We have arrived! Yesterday was an enjoyable day walking around Evanston with the girls. We got to see the apartment we’re going to be living in. I’m so excited! We also found a comfy couch with a hide-a-bed on the side of the street. It doesn’t smell and is in really good condition. I started work today. The days are going to be long, but I just have to keep reminding myself that I have 3 day weekends! I think I’m going to enjoy this job.
Back to Goshen tomorrow.