The Exploits of a Nanny

Nanny Hell May 9, 2007

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How you know when you’re in nanny hell.

When you have cramps, need to pee so badly you think you might have a situation on your hands, are staving because it’s after 2 and you still haven’t had a chance to eat lunch, and have two cranky, cranky babies who are hungry and tired but are refusing to eat or sleep.

How you know the nanny gods hate you.

When you found out that same morning that one of your families is moving to Seattle and you job has suddenly become very uncertain.

You truly are in the deepest darkest inner circles of hades when…

You carry two still tired and cranky babies (because they didn’t sleep long enough) down three flights of stairs, bundle them into the stroller only to discover there’s not enough room to get between the cars to get the stroller out and have to carry two, even more cranky, babies back up three flights of stairs.

But you’re back in heaven again…

watching your babies’ faces as they discover the joys of swinging.


Baby Monitor March 12, 2007

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The other day I finally asked Liz’s mom if I could use the baby monitor that’s looks into Liz’s crib. Liz doesn’t actually sleep in her crib, during the day she sleeps in her swing, and at night she sleeps with her parents. Rose on the other hand has slept in a crib since almost day one, and she uses Liz’s crib during the day. Now this baby monitor is pretty sweet. It not only lets me heard Rose, but I can also watch her. This has done tremendous things to my nervous system. I used to be on edge all the time if Rose was sleeping, especially if I closed the door so outside noises wouldn’t disturb her. The house creaking, or a bird singing outside would make me sit up and listen, convinced that I heard Rose waking up. Rose is known to play quietly in crib for long periods of time before heralding the fact that she is awake. Thank goodness for technology and calmer nerves.


The mistress of not sleeping February 28, 2007

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Music: Brigg Fair from Chanticleer’s Wondrous Love

It’s so rewarding when I can get Liz to sleep by lying down with her, playing the little piano toy that plays such lively tunes as “for he’s a jolly good fellow”, “London bridges”, and “O’ Suzanna”, and rubbing her back and stroking her head. Let me tell you, this is a feat. Most of the time when she gets really tired, and isn’t being held, she freaks out and won’t stop crying, so every once in a while when I get it “just right”, it’s a thrill. Ah the simple joys of nannihood.


Syllables and job leads February 22, 2007

Music: Arms of a woman by Amos Lee

Liz has started saying syllables like “ba” and “ma”. And she uses the “ma” when she’s unhappy. The other day she was in her exersauser and I was feeding Rose a bottle, and Liz started getting fussy, and I swear she said “ma, ma” and was looking toward the stairs. It made me so sad. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t connect the “word” as a label for her mother, but that it’s more of an innate usage of the sound. I wonder why that is? She uses “ba” when she’s happy or excited. “BABABABABA”

Liz was fussy again today while I was giving Rose her bottle. I had tried to feed Liz to sleep, but she wasn’t taking kindly to the idea and after an ounce she refused to eat any more even though half an hour later she was hungry enough to eat 3 more ounces. She knew that if she kept eating she would go to sleep. It’s amazing the will power these babies have. So I set Liz down on the blankets, supplied her with plenty of her favorite toys, and made Rose a bottle. So Liz starts getting fussy, just like I knew she would, but she’s not all out wailing like I thought she might. Instead she was desperately trying to distract herself. She’s let out a couple half hearted wails and then pump her legs a couple times and tug at a toy then repeat. Awww…

Daily walks have started up again. They make the day much more manageable. Rose has started arching her back when she’s falling asleep and since I have her in a front carrier, it’s kind of a funny sensation to have her head arching into my chest. She also does this low, guttural, sustained gurgle when she’s tired to try and keep herself awake. It’s quite funny.

I’m often asked about the girls when I go on walks. Most people assume they are twins. I’ve started saying “thankyou” when people say they are beautiful and stead of being awkward. I guess I haven’t contributed to their beauty in any way, but I do feel a bit possessive of them. But seriously people. They’re both blond and blue eyed. I’m a dark brunette with brown eyes.

I passed a woman with a dog and two youngish children one day and she turned and seeing Liz in the stroller said “Oh! two babies.” See most people think that I’m an idiot and carry my baby in a packer, and push an empty stroller… I love looking like a dimwit. So back to the woman. I turned slightly, smiled and said “yep :)” and started walking again. She followed this with the exclamation “you look good!” I turned back a bit confused and said thanks. I was turning back toward my walk when I realized that she thought they were mine and that I had lost all my pregnancy weight already. I turned back saying “oh! they’re not mine”

Today another woman with her own baby in a carrier and also with a couple kids in tow struck up a sidewalk conversation with me, and upon finding out that I was their nanny, asked “is it all week?” I guess she knows someone with a one month old who wants someone for a few days a week. Nothing like getting leads on the job. Not that I’m looking to move away from my current job, it’s pretty near ideal, but it’s interesting how once you have a job, others seem to line up at your door.

I have Friday off because I’m going to Seattle this weekend, so tomorrow’s my last day this week. Yippee!


Celebrating the Warmth February 21, 2007

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Today the girls and I got to go on a walk 🙂 Rose’s teething, and it makes her really uncomfortable. She also doesn’t want to sleep and gets really upset when she’s about to go to sleep. When we were on the walk and she was getting tired she started cooing to herself really loudly, and I thought it was pretty funny. She sounded so cute, and I didn’t have to feel bad about the noise the way I do sometimes in the condo because Liz’s mom is working. Speaking of Liz’s mom, she seems to be more tired recently. She’s just more quiet and not as communicative. I don’t really mind, I just feel bad for her, and hope it’s not something more serious. I still worry sometimes that there are things that I do that she doesn’t like, or times when she wonders “why is that baby still crying?” There are times when I have no choice but to let one of the girls be fussy for a little bit. I just have to make a judgment call about how “legit” their complaint is, and how fussy they’re being. Like for example, Liz doesn’t like to be alone, and is only ok with it if she’s in a very specific mood, so when I need to change Rose, I just have to let Liz fuss. She’s not in pain, she has all her needs meet, etc. She just doesn’t want to be alone/needs someone to keep her entertained. Same thing when I’m feeding Rose. Sometimes they both get tired or hungry at the same time and set each other off. Often they are tired at the same time, and the only way to get Liz down is to feed her a bottle, but Rose’s fussy because she feels herself going to sleep, but doesn’t want to, so I feed Liz a bottle downstairs so that Rose doesn’t distract her, and pray that Rose can self-sooth enough that I don’t have a real disaster on my hands. I have to assess the best way to handle the situation so that neither of them gets too upset, and often have to chose to let one be unhappy for a little bit. I try to anticipate them as much as possible as to avoid this situation, but there are times when no amount of anticipation can prevent these moments. You can’t make a baby go to sleep, and sometimes if Liz’s a little tired, seeing Rose get a bottle will set her off even if she’s not that hungry. It’s hard to let one of them cry. Usually I can create a situation where neither of them is all out crying, but the fussies are harder to totally eliminate.


I love my job February 8, 2007

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My girls are so wonderful and beautiful and I’m so glad I’m their nanny.


A long nap January 26, 2007

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I only have Liz again today, and she just slept for 2 hours, and now she’s really happy and playing well. She is so cute when she gets excited ( and smiles, and sleeps, and almost all the time). I wonder how Rose’s doing with her grandma. I must say I like this one baby thing. I miss Rose, but I can do such a better job if I can give one of the girls all me attention. I anticipate their needs better because I can pick up on all the little hints. Liz’s playing with the tag of one of her toys. Seriously, I think she might play with the tags of things just as much as she plays with the actual toy. She’s going to be hungry soon, but for now she’s just happy playing with her toys. I think this might be my favorite times of the day, when she’s just woken up and I let her play on her own for a little bit because she can entertain herself, and I can just watch her and give little encouragements now and then. It’s good that she’s learning to play on her own better. When I first started she really couldn’t entertain herself. Of course she couldn’t sit up on her own either, but Rose can’t and she’s always been able to self-sooth/play on her own. That’s kind of changing, lately she’s been demanding my attention whenever she’s awake. Ok, Liz’s hungry now. She aways acts a little tired when she’s hungry. That used to confuse me alot. She has the cutest way of talking. 🙂